What Color Should You Paint Your House to Sell it Faster?

Maybe you love to show off your dedication to LSU and have your house not-so-subtly paying tribute with deep purple accented by gold trim. If it is time to sell your Davie home, it is time to repaint it to get it off your hands faster.

It is not exciting colors that sell a house fast. Quite the opposite. The idea is similar to staging the interior of the home and the patio. You want to go minimalist and provide a blank canvas. The blank canvas lets potential and future buyers imagine themselves living their lives in your home.

Even if they will go back and repaint the house purple and gold themselves, they will need to see it in very staid colors such as tan, light gray, light blue, white, or other neutral shades. While it might seem boring to sell house fast sarasota florida, this can move your house off the market faster and fetch more money for you.

The idea is to sell, not hold onto it. It can feel challenging to spend any more money on a house that’s already cost you so much. Maybe you have decided to sell after having to rebuild the foundation, for instance.

While it may seem like a complete waste to dump any more money into your personal money pit, it will be what could save you. This is one time an “improvement” will pay off. And, it can pay off big-time, as it may fetch you hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions, or whatever your home is worth.

Many sellers wonder why the potential home buyer cannot stretch their imagination a little more to overcome the purple and gold. It makes them work too hard, and it pushes their brain into the wrong spaces.

Even in Pompano Beach, New Orleans or Miramar purple and gold can be a hard sell. Here’s a way to justify the cost. If you can spend a few hundred to get the house painted and net hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars within a couple of months, then it is worth it.

In particular, while it is spring or fall when the temperatures are more favorable, and people are more inclined to look for a home, get to work. Instead of having to sit out a whole other year waiting for the potential buyers to return, sell your home fast by painting it the right color.

A winning color will allow more than the potential home buyer’s imagination to take hold. It will give them one less task to perform when they move into a house in the area. Making it seem move-in ready poses a more inviting situation for most buyers.

Sure, there are other buyers who are going to look at your house as an opportunity to renovate. But, even with them, you want to make it look like they can wait years if they so choose to make any changes or improvements to the house.

Imagining Home

The neutral colors provide the transition point for many buyers. In other words, rather than seeing it as someone else’s house, their gears start moving to see it as a transition point to imagine it is as their home.

Notice the subtle but significant transformation takes hold from house to home. Essentially painting the house to include neutral colors transforms it into someone else’s future home.

They can imagine having brunch out on the patio every Sunday, along with poolside parties with friends and family, along with lounging around in the family room. That’s the point of going with fresh neutral tones. You do not want to disrupt or distract from their imaginations doing the selling for you.

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